Welcome to CARA, the Culpeper Amateur Radio Association

CARA is an ARRL affiliated organization. The CARA membership is made up of avid amateur radio operators who reside mostly in west central Virginia, in the area of Culpeper County. Members of CARA participate in all aspects of the amateur radio service, from casual QSOs on all HF, VHF and UHF bands as well as the high anxiety pace of contesting on RTTY, CW, SSB and all digital formats.


Repeater Information

W4CUL – 2m – 147.120 Mhz / +600Khz, PL(146.2), P25 / Echolink
W4CUL – 70cm – 443.8 Mhz / +5Mhz, PL(146.2), Fusion / P25 / FM
W4CUL – 1.25m – 224.180Mhz / -1.6Mhz, PL(146.2)

GMRS Repeater
Repeater 20 / GMRS 28 / Repeater #7: – 462.6750 Mhz / +5Mhz, PL(123.0)


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