Current Officers

PositionNameCall Sign
PresidentJeff DavisKE4WKX
Vice PresidentGreg MickleKB4CFP
TreasurerJeff LoefflerKB4DTU
DirectorJoe RiveraKO4NMJ
DirectorRick JonesK4PHM
Director (Past Pres)Rick ManzerNM4J
Repeater TrusteeJim BuongiovanniK9SP

Officer positions

Vice President
Three Directors, one seat goes to the previous president
These Members make up the Executive Committee for the Association.


President: is responsible for presiding at all meetings and enforce observance of the Associations Constitution and By-Laws Vice President: Fills in for the President if they are unable to attend a meeting, chairs any standing committees, and responsible for putting together programs/presentations for the Association.
Treasurer: Maintains accurate county of all monies to or from the Association and provides status updates during meetings.
Secretary: Records proceedings of all meetings, keeps a roll of all members, and submits all applications for prospective members.
Directors: Elected to serve 2 year term, previous president or member selected to by the Executive Committee fills one Director role